Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former India captain MS Dhoni has come out in defence of Team India’s poor performance in the recently concluded Asia Cup. The Captain Cool has given a sharp reply to doubters. 

Mahi said it is easy to make a suggestion from the outside about how one should play.

“Sitting on the outside, it’s always easy to say we should have played in a certain way but it’s not easy. We are representing our country but the opposition players are also representing their country too,” Dhoni said.

The former Skipper said that no one wants to misfield or drop a catch in an international match.

“Honestly, when players are on the field, no one wants to make any mistakes whether it’s misfielding or dropped catches,” the 41-year-old said.

“I always try and get into other players’ shoes to figure out why a player dropped a catch or why somebody misfielded. Throwing tantrums does not help matters. There are already 40,000 people watching from the stands and crores of people watching the action on television and through other mediums. I have to see what the reason was,” he added.

Notably, 15 years ago, it was today that Captain Cool led Team India to the maiden T20 World Cup title.