Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Ambati Rayudu and Sheldon Jackson were found indulging in a heated exchange between them in a Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on Wednesday. The video has now gone viral over various social media platforms.

In the clip, it is found that Jackson is walking to Rayudu who was fielding at the covers. Subsequently, both of them indulged in an ugly war of words. Umpires and players had to stop both of them. Otherwise, it would have transpired almost into a physical fight.

The unsavory incident occurred during the ninth over of the encounter between Saurashtra and Baroda. However, there has been no update so far about the reason behind the clash.

As per sources, there was some sledging by Rayudu which didn’t go down well with Jackson and he tried to give it back to the Baroda skipper. In reply, Rayudu also retaliated which complicated the situation further. 

However, better sense prevailed soon as the umpires and Baroda players managed to cool down both of them. Jackson is representing Saurashtra in the all important tournament.

Notably, Rayudu has a history of losing cool. He had a clash with Harbhajan Singh during an IPL match when both of them used to play for Mumbai Indians. The aggressive batter was also involved in a fight on road when he was travelling in a car. 

On the other hand, domestic giant Jackson is known as a cool customer, but he even lost his cool and was at fault on the ground.

Eventually, Saurashtra prevailed to win the high-octane clash.