Cassian Baliarsingh

Former India tennis star Sania Mirza has been hitting the headlines ever since her divorce from Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The ex-India player has maintained a dignified silence after the separation and is taking care of her son alone.
After a brief lull, the star player has now called for introspection of women’s success in society.

She reflected on the gender discrimination and how women’s success is perceived. Reacting to an advertisement about gender discrimination, Sania added that she still feels that gender discrimination still prevails in society.

The advertisement read, “What is really behind a woman professional’s success? All work done with purpose is worthy of dignity, what society might say is not worth dignifying. Everyone has the right to work with pride, and be respected for it.”

Replying to the ad, Sania Mirza wrote, “In 2005, I was the first Indian woman to win a WTA title. Big deal, right? When I was world no. 1 in doubles, people were keen to know when I’d settle down. Winning six grand slams isn’t settled enough for society. I'm grateful for the support I've received along the way, but can't help and think why a woman's achievements invite conversation about gender 'expectations' and appearances, instead of her skill and the work itself.”

She further added, “Seeing this #ad from @urbancompany_UC brought up some of those feelings. I know having a real conversation about society is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, but introspection on the way we engage with women's success is perhaps long overdue.”