Cassian Baliarsingh

'Captain Cool' Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently enjoying quality time with his family and friends after his retirement from international cricket. The two-time World Cup-winning captain is making the most out of life and traveling around meeting new people and going to new destinations.

Recently, the 41-year-old cricketer paid a visit to his ancestral village in Uttarakhand. He was accompanied by his wife Sakshi Dhoni. A video of the couple visiting the village and seeking blessings from elders is going viral on social media.

While any other celebrity would have chosen to fly abroad and enjoy a foreign trip, Dhoni chose to visit his ancestral village and relive his childhood days. It is such quality of MS Dhoni that sets him apart from his counterparts and other players.

Fans are in awe of his simplicity and down-to-earth nature despite being one of the highest-paid players. Worth more than 1000s of crores, Dhoni still chooses to live a normal and simple life which is why he is adored by millions of his fans.

Sakshi shared a picture of them posing in Almora’s Lwali village. In the video, Dhoni and his wife can be seen interacting with the locals. They are also seen seeking blessings from the elders by touching their feet.

Sharing the video, Sakshi wrote, “Eventful day amongst all the Dhonis! Trust me there are many here! ❤️🫶🏻” Since being shared online, the video has garnered over 1.49M views and likes on Instagram.

“Most down-to-earth cricketer MS Dhoni for countless reasons,” commented a fan.

Another user wrote, “Thank you Sakshi 🧿❤️ He stopped posting anything related to him but you are making us to watch him again 🧿🥺💞.”

“Emotional for those who have to move out for livelihood. But we have a special place in our ❤ for our lovely 🏡,” shared a third user.