Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is giving much importance to ‘No.9’ in its strategy for the upcoming 2024 General Elections. That the party is emphasizing number nine is evident from the party's candidate announcement. Because of this, several questions like does the party consider the number nine as its magic number? Has the party consulted any astrologer? Is it a mere coincidence? are coming to people's minds. 

It seems the ruling party is giving more importance to ‘No.9’ theory than the proper strategy for the distribution of tickets. In the first phase, the party announced names of as many as 72 candidates for different Assembly seats. If the two digits are added then the result is nine. The party also released the names of nine candidates for different Parliament seats in the first phase.

Similarly in the second phase, names of as many as 27 candidates were released. Here too the addition of the two digits is nine. In the third and fourth phases also BJD announced candidates for nine Assembly seats each. The party has so far announced names of candidates for as many as 117 Assembly seats. If the digits of this three-digit number are added, the result will be again nine.

Now, the question is what is the secret behind ‘No.9’? Why BJD is announcing the names of the candidates by emphasizing ‘No.9’? Meanwhile, as per the astrologers, the number nine is a lucky number.

“Nine is a lucky number and it brings success. This is the reason why BJD has been relying on ‘No. 9’ theory to emerge victorious in the upcoming election,” said astrologer Dr Manoj Lenka.

BJD will fight in the election for the sixth time. Meanwhile, the number of dissidents has increased and it has posed as a major challenge for the party. Moreover, the party has been severely attacked by Opposition parties over several issues. Many leaders and Ministers of the ruling party have been embroiled in several controversies pertaining to education, health and law and order. The reputation of the party has been severely affected due to these reasons.

Moreover, BJD is also struggling with the anti-incumbency factor. Meanwhile, speculation is rife that BJD is relying on astrology to counter all these factors and emerge with flying colours.

However, as per the Opposition parties, BJD’s this kind of theory will not work at all in 2024 General Election.

“People have lost their faith in BJD. The party has also lost its confidence. Hence, they are relying on superstition. ‘No.9’ theory is only a superstition. BJP has worked at the grassroots level. People want change. We are fully confident that BJP will emerge victorious this time,” said BJP spokesperson Dilip Mallick.

“Even BJD doesn’t have proper candidates. They have lured leaders from Congress to field as their candidates. The people of Odisha have decided to go for a change. With the blessings from the people of the State, Congress will form the government this time,” said PCC President Sarat Pattanayak.

However, the ruling party claims Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will be the Chief Minister once again as he is a religious person. 

“Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is a religious person. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Jagannath. Whatever he does is meant for the betterment of Odisha People. He will be elected as the Chief Minister of the State once again,” said BJD leader RajKishore Das.

Notably, BJD has set a target to win 130 Assembly seats in the forthcoming Assembly elections. It remains to be seen whether the ‘No.9’ theory will be proving lucky for the party or not.