Himansu Shekhar Rout

BJP National VP and Kendrapara Lok Sabha candidate Baijayant Panda made an appeal to the people of Odisha through a post on his X handle on Sunday.

In the post, Panda observed, "It is extremely sad to see Odisha's CM being manipulated like a puppet by his ex-bureaucrat, now "politician" handler.”

He appealed to the people to compare the AI-generated video messages of the CM recently taken from a helicopter with real videos of his public appearance.

“Contrast the AI-generated "video messages" with actually recorded videos of his (eg from a helicopter or rare public appearance). There's a heaven & hell difference..." 

Furthermore, the BJP stalwart called on people not to 'condone such manipulation & elder-abuse'. 

"Insist on CM's live announcements or recordings in your presence. OR ELSE label all those AI-generated messages as such. The people of Odisha have a right to know who is telling them what," said the BJP VP.

BJD response

Responding to the remarks of the BJP stalwart, BJD leader Swarup Das said, ”The BJP leaders started realising that they are going to face electoral debacle. To divert the people’s attention from the imminent defeat, they are making various statements and remarks. They are trying to mislead people.”

However, senior journalist Sandeep Sahu differed with the BJD leader, saying, ”When I saw the video of the Chief Minister, I immediately knew that it was not real one. The video was quite different from other videos of the Chief Minister at meetings.”