New Delhi: At a time when the nation is grappling with a relentless second wave of Covid-19, leading to a huge spike in the number of cases and posing challenges to the healthcare system and the administration, some good samaritans have gone out of their way to reduce the burden of pain and hopelessness among society at large.

Priyanka Negi, 24-year-old Greater Noida resident, is busy nowadays sending home-cooked meals to the Covid-positive patients undergoing treatment at home. Priyanka has lost her grandmother and maternal uncle to the lethal virus this year in April.

The deaths in her family affected her so much that she decided to help others by sending them home-cooked food. To boost the morale of the infected people, she also sends a note to them on piece of paper along with the meals.

"I started this initiative from April 28. Initially, I sent food to 2 patients at home. But in the last 12 days, more than 40 patients have received home-cooked everyday," she told IANS.

"Through different online delivery platforms, we pack and send our homemade food to the Covid positive patients. They require nutritious meals."

Priyanka works in Mumbai but due to the lockdown, she is currently working from home in Greater Noida.

Besdies, some NGOs these days are distributing PPE kits to the families of patients standing outside hospitals so that can take a shield against the dreaded virus.

Masks and PPE kits were distributed by the Tycia Foundation to people standing outside the LNJP Hospital in Delhi.

Sanju, who is associated with the foundation, told IANS: "Free masks and PPET weights are being distributed to the people. We have been doing this for the last one month. Besides, we are helping the people to get oxygen cylinders."

On behalf of this foundation, an autorickshaw equipped with an oxygen cylinder is parked outside the hospital so that a patient in a serious condition can be transported from one place to another without any delay.

According to Sanju, nearly 1,000 have been helped by his organization so far. He said apart from Delhi, those who ask for help from the surrounding areas are also provided assistance.

The much needed assistance amid the pandemic is also being extended to slum dwellers, 'Kinnar Samaj' and HIV positive people in Delhi.

Anchal Sharma, a cancer survior who runs Meals of Happiness, an NGO, has been helping people in these difficlt times.

According to Aanchal, ration comprising daily essentials that can last upto 15 days is being sent to these people.

"We have been helping the Corona affected people since last year by sending food. We have launched an awareness campaign as well for the people living in the slum this time. Also, through our volunteers, we are providing medicines to the people living in slums," she told IANS.

"If someone with coronavirus symptoms is detected in the in slums, we connect them to doctors online and get them treated. We have kept the oximeter so that the doctors can get the correct information."

"If a person feels that he/she has to be isolated at home, we will deliver food and medicine to his/her doorstep. We have chosen volunteers for that," she said.

"Apart from this, we are also helping the 'Kinnar' community, HIV positive people. We have prepared a list which includes the names of all these people. We are working to help them reach their homes," she added.