Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

With the arrival of the summer season, the urge to relish varieties of delicious fruits, especially mangoes, grows among all. When it comes to mango, Alphonso mango (hapus)-the king of fruits- for its exquisite taste, aroma and superior quality is popular across the globe. 

Mango lovers make purchases after selecting the right type of juicy tropical fruit as per their suitability. Be it purchasing directly from the market or placing an online order, mango lovers certainly do not care about the price. But, post-pandemic, things have changed a lot for a large chunk of the population. Consumers now think twice before spending money on anything due to uncontrolled inflation.

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However, have you ever heard that mango can be purchased on EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)?

Though sounds strange, it is true. 

Alphonso mango occupies a premium position among all varieties of mangoes and the price is significantly high in comparison to others. Thus, it is not possible for everyone to relish the taste of this mango.

However, if you live in Pune, then you can fulfil your urge of tasting Alphonso mango without burning your pocket. 

As per reports, a mango seller is offering Alphonso mango on EMI to make it affordable for all. 

ANI quotes the mango seller, Gaurav Sanas, as saying, “After Covid, it was seen that people were losing interest in Alphonso due to its high price. So, we started this scheme of giving mangoes on EMI, in order to bring back the customers.”

Further, Sanas added, “They can get it on EMI through credit cards and debit cards. The price of mangoes at my shop ranges between Rs 600-1300 per dozen.”

Well, such a strange initiative will undeniably draw the attention of mango lovers.