Vikash Sharma

Vehicle owners no longer need to visit office of Regional Transport Officers (RTO) to renew their driving licenses (DL) or availing learner’s licenses (LL) as the Odisha transport department is going to launch Aadhaar-integrated faceless services.

However, the online issuance of medical certificates will be mandatory. As per the State Transport Authority (STA), medical Certificate is mandatory for any person above 40 years of age who wants to obtain a driving license or those going for driving license renewal as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

The decision to issue medical certificate in form 1 (A) electronically has reportedly been taken to reduce footfall at RTO offices.

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“Necessary facility has been provided in Sarathi portal where Doctors registered in the portal can issue Medical Certificate directly which eliminates process of submission of Medical Certificate and verification in manual mode,” said Joint Transport Commissioner (Technical), Dipti Ranjan Patra.

According to Patra, “Any doctor with MBBS degree or above is eligible to register on the portal. Registration of doctors is completely free of cost. This will ensure no one can upload a fake medical certificate and get a driving license.”

In order to make the whole system transparent, the portal is launched where in license applicant can directly get medical certificate without any hassle.

The doctors, who would volunteer to issue medical certificates through the portal, will be provided with ID and password. They will have to upload the applicant’s certificate electronically on the Sarathi portal.