Vikash Sharma

With the dependence and availability of several services getting online each day, people are now looking for viable options to get their work done. However, there are still a large number of people who are unable to get along with digital services.

Many are still ignorant about the processes that they need to follow to apply for essential documents like a driving license (DL) for which a person needs to obtain a learner’s license first.

So, here, we have explained the easy and step-by-step process to get the learner's license and DL.

How To Obtain Learner’s License Online:

-Visit the official website- -Select online services

-Click on driving license related services

-Select State (Odisha) -Apply for learner’s license

-Fill application details

-Upload documents

-Pay fee online

-Verify the payment status

-Print the Receipt

-Book the learner’s license slot

After successful booking and passing the test, learner’s license will be issued by the concerned Regional Transport Office. As per STA, one can apply for driving license only after 30 days of obtaining learner's license, within a time period of six months.

Here are the step-by-step details for applying Driving License:

-Visit the official website, -Select State (Odisha)

-Apply for driving license

-Fill application details

-Pay fee online

-Verify payment status

-Book the slot

-Print/download the acknowledgement receipt

(Inputs: STA)