Vikash Sharma

Politics is again active in Odisha over the sensitive Pari rape and murder case, the verdict of which was pronounced on Tuesday. The Nayagarh Children’s Court sentenced the accused, who happens to be a minor, to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment. The Court also imposed a fine of Rs 6,000 on the convict.

Soon after the judgement, the victim’s mother expressed her dissatisfaction and alleged that an innocent has been implicated while the real culprits are still out. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday also brought similar allegations and demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the case.

Opposition Chief Whip Mohan Majhi alleged, “In Pari murder case, the Odisha government is responsible and state minister Arun Sahoo was involved. When BJP took up the case, the skeletal remains of the deceased were recovered 10 days after the incident.”

Majhi alleged that the Police and Home Department conspired and implicated an innocent person and the mother of the deceased Pari herself said that injustice has not been done.

“Nobody is satisfied with the way the Odisha government complicated the entire investigation by appointing an investigating officer to save its own face. The Odisha government should seek an apology. Today we have sought justice for Pari and demanded a CBI probe as it can only bring the truth out,” Majhi added.

Responding to Majhi’s allegations, Government Chief Whip, Prashant Muduli said, “We condemn the cheap attempts made by Mohan Majhi and Dharmendra Pradhan to politicise the sensitive Pari case.”

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