Pradeep Pattanayak

In a shocking turn of events, angry parents performed the last rites of their daughter for marrying someone she is in love with. The incident was reported from Aul’s Nuabazaar area in Kendrapara district. 

According to sources, Srivastav Mallick, a resident of Aul’s Nuabazaar area, and a girl of the same locality were in love. The family members of the girl were against her relationship with Mallick. Despite their objection, the couple married at Laxmibarah Temple in Aul last Monday. The marriage was solemnized in the presence of the groom’s family members. 

The girl’s parents were so infuriated that they performed the last rites of their daughter. The family members also put up pictures in memory of their daughter and garlanded it to pay tribute. Even their relatives participated in the rituals including ‘pind daan’.

“My parents, uncle, and other family members have performed my last rites. Even though my parents are with me, my uncles have persuaded them to do so,” said the newly-wed girl. 

On the other hand, the girl’s paternal uncle Baburam Mallick said, “As this is Bhadrab month, no auspicious work like marriage should be taken up. Yet, they took the procession in front of our house. So after consulting the village pundits, we did so.” 

When asked, Srivastav Mallick’s father Anam Mallick said, “My son and she exchanged garlands at Laxmibarah temple in the presence of our family members. The next day, they performed the last rites of my daughter-in-law, saying they lost their daughter to a crocodile attack.”

  • Reported by:
  • Banamali Sahoo