Himansu Shekhar Rout

Odisha Governor Raghubar Das, who has been visiting different districts almost every day, reportedly breached security protocols during his visit to Kendrapara on Saturday and heard complaints of some women eagerly waiting for him at Jajang. He stopped to listen to the grievances of families deprived of houses under government housing schemes.

As per reports, the Governor had a darshan of the deities at Sri Baldevjew temple. On his way back, a group of women from Jajang village were waiting for him to put forth their grievances.

On seeing them, the Governor immediately got down from his car. The women apprised him of how they had been living miserably in their dilapidated houses over the years because they had been denied housing facilities under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(PMAY). Then, he walked to their village to have a firsthand look at their problems and issues.

He asked the Collector about the implementation of the Central housing schemes in the district and why particularly these families have not been provided houses.

The Governor later directed the Collector to provide PMAY houses to the families who have been deprived of the housing facilities.  

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Sasmita Tripathy, one of the women from Jajang said, “I went near the car of the Governor and told him about the hardship my family has been going through due to the dilapidated house. He kept my request and came to my house. But many people were telling him not to visit the village. He did not listen to anyone and came to my house. The Collector and the BDO were with him. He assured me of a house.”

She also added that she and her husband had apprised the panchayat and the block administration about their plight, but nothing had been done.

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