Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a tragic and gruesome incident, a man allegedly hacked his son for Rs 100 at Lalitagiri village under Mahanga police station in Cuttack district on Monday.

The victim was rushed to Mahanga Community Health Centre in a critical condition. Later, he was shifted to SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack after his condition deteriorated.

As per reports, there was an altercation between accused Manas Behera and his son over a meager amount of Rs 100 to buy fish. Manas nursed a grudge against his son over the incident. Subsequently, he hatched a plan to murder his son and allegedly launched an attack on him with a sharp-edged weapon while he was asleep at home.

Though the victim managed to save his life from the deadly attack, he was critically injured in the process. He was rescued and immediately rushed to the hospital by the locals. They also managed to overpower Manas following the incident and fetter him to a pole.

Upon being informed by the villagers, Mahanga police reached the spot and took the accused to the police station. Further investigation into the incident is currently underway.