Rashmi Ranjan

The Puri District Education Officer (DEO) Biswajit Ghose has removed centre superintendent and all invigilators of Haripur Adarsha High School in Nimapada from Matric examination duty on Monday in connection with malpractice deal incident.

Besides, the DEO has also removed centre superintendents of Kakatpur and Nayahata Girls high schools from examination duty and suspended Kakatpur Girls High School clerk for keeping his mobile phone on during the Matric and SOS examinations.

The move came after a purported audio of a deal between a guardian and a teacher for assisting a candidate in malpractice during the Matric examination went viral on March 11.

“One lady teacher of Brahamgiri block was suspended on the first day of the examination for irregularities. After Haripur incident came to the fore, all the teachers of the Adarsha High School have been barred from entering the school premises till the completion of the examination,” said Ghosh.

“Similarly, the centre superintendents of Kakatpur and Nayahata Girls high schools have been removed for negligence in discharging their duties. Kakatpur girls high school clerk Manas Ranjan has been suspended for using mobile phone during the examination,” the DEO added.

In the viral audio, it was heard that a guardian of one of the candidates is bargaining with one of the teachers of the Haripur school seeking help in malpractice and was ready to pay any price for it.

It was alleged that teachers at the centre were assisting students in malpractice in exchange for a huge amount of money from the guardians.

Ironically, the exam centre falls under the assembly constituency of School and Mass Education Minister Samir Ranjan Dash.

(Reported by Sanjay Pati, OTV)