Vikash Sharma

In an alleged hit-and-run incident, a labourer was run over by a speeding car while he was sleeping on the footpath at Rajmahal Chhak in Bhubaneswar late on Friday night. The identity of the deceased labourer is yet to be ascertained.

According to eyewitnesses, the car dragged the deceased labourer to some distance, killing him on the spot. The deceased labourer was sleeping on the footpath when he was run over by the speeding car.

Though other labourers were also sleeping on the footpath, they had a close shave in the incident. Following the incident, some people chased the car and the driver escaped towards Daya River embankment.

On getting information, Dhauli Police reached the spot and recovered the car from the spot. The identity of the car driver is yet to be ascertained.

The deceased labourer’s autopsy was conducted at Capital Hospital today.

“We were sleeping at the spot along with the deceased labourer.  A red colour car came and crushed the labourer to death on the spot,” said an eye-witness.

Another eyewitness said, “We are forced to sleep on the road and now we are not feeling safe. The accident occurred at around 1:45 a.m. I pushed my wife and jumped from the footpath to save my life. I asked a person to chase the car and he informed me that the car which caused the accident escaped.”

ACP Manas Garnaik said, “The car was taking a U-turn while it entered the median killing one person on the spot. We have registered a case and it is being monitored by the IIC. We have shortlisted six vehicles which crossed the spot  and further investigation is on.”

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