Cassian Baliarsingh

In a tragic incident, a youth, who was supposed to get married in a few hours, met a watery grave while taking bath in a pond after playing Holi. The heartbreaking incident has been reported from Purunakot  Jagannathpur village in Angul district.

The incident occurred while the youth identified as Nisha Behera had gone to take bath in a pond near the village after playing Holi.

According to sources, Nisha was in a relationship with a girl and had eloped with her and brought her home. After his family’s acceptance, the couple was supposed to get married at the village temple. All the arrangements were made and the whole village was more than excited about the marriage. However, the youth played Holi with his family and friends and later went to take bath. 

Worried family members searched for him after he did not return home. Later, his body was recovered from the pond. On being informed, police reached the village and launched a probe.

The body was seized and sent for autopsy. The incident has spread a pall of gloom in the area. Meanwhile, the future of the girl who was all set to marry Nisha lies in uncertainty.

Nisha’s father Duryodhana Behera said, “He played Holi and later went to take bath along with a kid. However, he accidentally drowned while taking bath. Seeing him drown, the kid ran home and told us after which we recovered his body.”


(Reported by Biaraja Dash, OTV)