Himansu Shekhar Rout

Police arrested four persons for faking disability to beg on the streets in the Berhampur Municipal Corporation area on Wednesday. 

The accused have been identified as Ajay Kumar, Anil Kumar, Mero, and Jashobant Kumar, all from Sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh.

As per reports, for the last few years, all four have been begging in the disguise of Divyangs with crutches in hand. Two of them were begging at Kamapalli Chhak on Wednesday when they caught the attention of police. Their activities raised police suspicion. 

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On interrogation, the two revealed their true colours and were found to be quite normal. Playing Divyangs while begging evoked the sympathy of the people, they admitted. Later two others were arrested. 

Police have registered a case of deception and produced them in court.

Berhampur SP said that an investigation is underway to check their antecedents.

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