Mrunal Manmay Dash

An 80-year-old woman fell into an abandoned 20-feet deep borewell near Kainphula village near Sonepur-Burda road on Monday.

Following the fall, the villagers and her family members informed the fire services department which launched a rescue operation at the spot.

As per the latest reports, the rescuers have supplied oxygen into the borewell to help the woman breathe.

Speaking about the mishap, Assistant Fire Officer Dhananjay Mallik said, “We have dug another hole beside the borewell to rescue her. We are now 7-8 feet away from her location. We can see her from top but she is not responding.”

“We will rescue her soon,” Mallik said.

Later, the Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) moved an ODRAF team from Boudh to the spot for the rescue of the old woman trapped inside the borewell. An NDRF team from Munduli in Cuttack is also on its way to the spot.