Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Though old age allowance provided by the government has been a great boon for many poor senior citizens who otherwise don’t have enough money for medicines, food and various other expenses, many eligible beneficiaries across the State are deprived of getting the benefit of the scheme launched for them.

Take the case of Raitu Tangi from Guneipada village in Koraput district. Though he is now 62 years of age, he is yet to receive the social security allowance provided by the government. Despite applying for three to four times, he is yet to be included in the scheme. 

As a result, Raitu is going through an ordeal. He is living in a dilapidated thatched house and struggling hard to make ends meet. He alleged, though many people younger to him are getting the allowance, he is yet to be included in the scheme. 

Apart from Raitu, similar is the case for Aita Muduli of the same village and Padama Golari from Matamput village. Although both of them have applied at the pachayat office several times, they are yet to be included in the scheme.

“Though I have applied many times and submitted all the documents, I have not been included in the scheme so far. On the other hand, many other people of my age group are getting the allowance. I am a poor man and it’s becoming difficult for me to make ends meet due to old age. We are clueless on what to do to be included in the scheme,” said Aita.

However, no reaction from the district administration could be obtained in this regard.