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Sleeping in the backyard of the house to get some relief from hot and humid conditions turned tragic for a family after three members were trampled to death by a wild elephant in Odisha. The latest incident of man-animal conflict has been reported from Saldiha village under Paikamal forest range in Bargarh district.

As per reports, the family members of one Bipin Bariha were sleeping in the backyard when they were allegedly attacked by a wild elephant from among a herd of three elephants that had moved into the village recently after getting separated from the herd.

The same herd of three elephants had migrated from Nuapada district and it was driven back by the forest department officials. But this time, the forest department allegedly did not have any information regarding the return of the elephant herd. It is alleged that no information was also shared regarding the movement of the pachyderms to the villagers.

Bipin’s wife, 3-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter have died in the elephant attack. Bipin, his mother and 7-year-old had a narrow escape. On getting information, a team of forest officials visited the village and held discussion with the villagers. Every year, human lives are being lost in attacks by elephants in the district.

However, as no concrete steps are being taken by the forest department to check such incidents of man-animal conflicts, there is resentment among the people.

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Herd of 27 Elephants from Jharkhand in Karanjia

In another incident, a herd of 27 elephants from Jharkhand has strayed into Odisha’s Karanjia. It is now for the past three days that the herd has reportedly been roaming in Karanjia during the day time and eating away the crops after evening. The forest department claims that they are closely monitoring the movement of the elephants.

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