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  • Amitabh Bachchan has excelled as Ashwatthama in Kalki 2898 AD.
  • There have been times when people reportedly spotting Ashwatthama in real life.

Kalki 2898 AD has received a humungous response worldwide. Although Prabhas has been presented as the lead star of this flick it is Amitabh Bachchan as Ashwatthama who steals the show all through. Nag Ashwin has been successful to a large extent in merging the elements of Mahabharata and the futuristic world presenting Ashwatthama as the protector of Kalki. As fans get to know the real story behind Ashwatthama and his immortal existence through this movie, many might not believe it is true.

So, here are 5 incidences when people have spotted Ashwatthama in the modern world.

When Ashwatthama reportedly visited a Vaidya

A Vaidya in Madhya Pradesh had a visit from a patient who had a septic on his forehead. The Vaidya continuously applied the medicinal potion on the forehead of the patient but the wound kept on bleeding. The Vaidya who was at the end of his wits jokingly said, “Your wound seems ageless and cureless. I wonder, are you Ashwatthama.” The moment he said this and turned around to get another potion for application, the patient was gone, vanished in thin air.

This incident was also published in Kalyan magazine.

Prithviraj Chauhan met Ashwatthama?

After losing the battle with Mohammad Ghouri in 1192 Prithviraj Chauhan left for the jungle where he met an old man with a scar on his forehead. The Hindu king was himself a good doctor and said to the old man that he could cure his wound. The old man said yes and Prithviraj continued to treat the wound for weeks together. But still, it did not get cured. In the end, the king asked the old man, “Are you Ashwatthama?” and the reply was, “Yes.” The old man went away.

The book Prithviraj Rasso written on the last Hindu King in the 12th century mentions this encounter.

Kumara Vyasa wrote Mahabharata in Kannada after meeting Ashwatthama

Narayanappa aka Kumar Vyasa who wrote Mahabharata in Kannada wanted to write the epic in his native language but did not know how to get the reference and original information. He prayed day and night at the Veera Naaraayan temple in Trikooteshwar. The Almighty came into his dreams and asked him to attend the Dwadashee feast in the temple and follow the lonely Brahmin who would walk out of the feast first.

Narayanappa did the same thing and followed the old, lonely Brahmin. When the Brahmin asked him the reason for following him Narayanappa said that he was told by Veera Naaraayan that Ashwatthama would come to this feast and would help you out. That is how Narayanappa could get original information from Ashwatthama and write Mahabharata in Kannada.

A railway employee spotted Ashwatthama

More than two decades ago a story appeared in the newspaper that a railway employee who was on leave met a very tall man (around 12 feet in height) when he was wandering in the Navsari jungles of Gujarat. He even claimed that he had a conversation with this tall man who according to him was Ashwatthama .

Strange man cited near Narmada in Gujarat

Many people in Gujarat have reported spotting a tall and strange man roaming on the banks of river Narmada in Gujarat who keeps on asking for oil to heal the wound on his forehead. People claim that he is a very tall man and many bugs and flies surround him all the time.

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