Pradeep Pattanayak

These days, the students of Sashi Bhushan Rath Government Women’s College in Berhampur, particularly the Plus II ones, have become the headache of the college authorities. This is because they are shooting reels atop the four-storey college building, sailing too close to the wind. 

The videos of these girls have recently gone viral on various social media platforms. It is alleged that these girls are putting their lives in harm’s way only for a few likes and views. 

The way they are shooting their reels would definitely leave anyone’s jaw dropped. But they, in the videos, seem to be fearless. Any mishap has not happened as yet, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. 

Investigation reveals that the students of this institution have been making reels like this for the past many days in defiance of the college authorities’ warnings. 

However, after seeing the videos, college principal Kanhu Charan Padhi said stringent action would be taken against such girls. 

“We have warned them against going to the top of the building. Notices have also been circulated. They are Plus II girls. Even though they don’t have any classes in the new building, they are going there. They are even going there by breaking the locks. From now onwards, we will be strict with them. If anyone is found to be in the college building, we will call her parents and give her TC,” said Padhi.

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