Vikash Sharma

Known for his witty remarks, ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) MLA Soumya Ranjan Patnaik on Saturday again dropped a bombshell by raising several pertinent questions.

While addressing a gathering at the Law College as a guest, the scribe-cum-politician stated that law is equal for the Prime Minister and even a constable, but it is practically impossible to meet the Chief Ministers.

“When we were teaching rule of law, the law is equal from the Prime Minister and a constable. But these days, Prime Ministers are reluctant to answer and they are not ready to be accountable. These days, it is practically hard to meet or interact with the Chief Ministers,” said Patnaik.

According to Patnaik, the common people and voters are now in dilemma as they are unable to figure it out as to who is more powerful, the Ministers in the cabinet or the secretaries.

"Who will clear such confusion," he questioned. “It is now the responsibility of the lawyers to come forward. Today, Covid is almost over and the restrictions are gone, but nobody is speaking the truth. What fear is haunting the Law College alumini?” Patnaik questioned.

The BJD lawmaker further expressed his inability by stating, “We cannot say anything as we are working professionals and will get punished and suspended from the party. There might be some problems in our interest,” he added.

Though Soumya Ranjan Patnaik could not be contacted to seek more clarity under what circumstances he made such remarks during the event, it has now sparked a debate in the state with some speculating that the senior leader was taking a dig at the current state of political affairs in Odisha.

(Reported by Prabhat Bisoi)