With eyes on Dalits' votes in the forthcoming assembly elections, the BJP is all set to highlight the Opposition's decision to boycott 'Constitution Day Celebration' in the poll-bound states, saying Congress continues to insult Baba Saheb Dr. BR Ambedkar's legacy.

Dalits constitute above 20 per cent in Uttar Pradesh, around 32 per cent in Punjab and 18 per cent of Uttarakhand population.

The Dalit community will play an important role in the assembly polls and all the political parties are putting their best efforts to woo them.

Union Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs, Kaushal Kishore told IANS that the Congress party never liked Dr. Ambedkar.

The saffron party said that boycotting the 'Constitution Day Celebration' is yet another instance of insulting institutions, insulting the Constitution and insulting Dr. Ambedkar.

"Opposing the Constitution Day is like opposing the Constitution and it shows they have no faith in the Constitution. Its not about Dalit, it is about all the citizen and such act of boycotting Constitution Day celebration shows the Congress has no faith in the Constitution because they never followed it," Kishore said.

The minister claims that knowing the reality of the Congress party, people rejected them and will continue to reject them in the future.

Kishore said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would request the people to seek explanation from the Congress and other opposition parties.

"We will take this irresponsible behaviour of Congress and other opposition parties among people in the coming months. We request the people to ask why these opposition parties including the Congress opposed Constitution Day celebration or why they did not like Dr. Ambedkar," he said.

About 14 opposition parties including the Congress announced to boycott the Constitution Day programme at the Central Hall of the Parliament. The function was addressed by the President, Vice President, Prime Minister and the Lok Sabha Speaker.

A senior party leader pointed out that former Congress president Rahul Gandhi opposed the idea when the constitution day celebration' was announced in 2015.

"On other occasions too, Rahul Gandhi has not refrained from making tasteless wisecracks on the same," a senior BJP leader said.