Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru, the city famed for its technological prowess, has been gripped by its most severe water crisis ever. With temperatures soaring, the gradual disappearance of the city’s lakes has left the Silicon Valley crippled.

Once boasting over 200 shimmering lakes, Bengaluru's thriving waterbodies are vanishing at an alarming rate. The rapid pace of urbanization has consumed its precious water bodies, leading to severe water crisis.

The crisis is so worse that people are being fined for washing their vehicles and using water for gardening. So far (till April 9), at least 407 people have been fined in Bengaluru, TOI quoted a BWSSB (Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board) official.

An elderly man was washing his old scooter for the auspicious occasion of Ugadi. Unfortunately, he was caught by BWSSB officials and had to cough up a fine of Rs 5000. He is among the 407 people to have been fined in the last one month for using water for washing vehicles and gardening.

“We have fined 407 persons till April 9 and collected Rs 20.3 lakh from the violators so far,” said a BWSSB officer.

The Bengaluru Board has banned the use of potable water for vehicle washing, gardening and large construction projects since March 10. Meanwhile, amid severe water scarcity, residents of posh apartment complexes have started protests across Bengaluru.

Residents are hopeful that the situation will get better soon with the advent of the monsoon and bring relief to the citizens.