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Coffee, as simple as the term is, the more diversified options it throws. One of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages around the world, coffee makes for a good conversation starter. Coffee love in India is on the rise, with new regions growing coffee (like the tribal areas of Odisha). However, many a time, one wonders what the correct pronunciation of the coffee name is. You walk into a coffee shop and sheepishly wait for someone else in the queue to speak out the name of the coffee you too want to order. But what if they have been using the wrong pronunciation all along! On the International Coffee Day, here are some popular coffee from across the world and their correct pronunciations.


This coffee is made by squeezing a little amount of pressurised almost-boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. It is often stronger and thicker than other varieties with a frothy layer on top. It is pronounced as "es-presso".


Reestrato, which is pronounced "ree-stray-toh," is a typical short shot of espresso produced with the usual amount of coffee grounds but extracted with only half the water.

Piccolo Latte

A Ristretto shot poured in a tiny latte glass and topped with warm milk is known as a “pee-koh-lo lah-tay.”


The quantity of milk essentially distinguishes a latte from a cappuccino. Both the latte and the cappuccino contain espresso, hot milk, and steamed foam, but the latte is less powerful and milkier and is pronounced: “ka-puh-chee-noh.”


A caffe latte with the simple addition of chocolate is known as a caffe mocha, sometimes known as a mocaccino or a mochachino, and is called “Maw-Kah.”


The espresso shot is extracted on top of the hot water in the Americano, which is essentially hot water. It is pronounced, “Uh-meh-ruh-kaa-noh.”


In Italian, this word is used to denote "right," but when referring to coffee, it simply means "regular." It is  is an espresso with a drop of Grappa or any other alcoholic beverage and is pronounced “core-ray-toh”

We do hope these pronunciations will help you order your next coffee confidently and outshine your squad. Show your love for coffee on the International Coffee Day and order it for friends.