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After his mega roadshow in Puri, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday once again tried to strike a chord with the people of Odisha by greeting them in Odia, accepting paintings, and lauding the art and culture of the state.

While addressing a mega public meeting in Angul, PM Modi said that along with the pictures and other items, people bring immense love and blessings, which are his strength. While paying his tributes to the legendary personalities of the soil, PM Modi stated that he devoted a major chunk of his life to the party’s organisation.

“It was tough to generate crowd whenever I was asked to arrange for any leader’s visit in Gujarat. But in Odisha, when I sought blessings of Lord Jagannath, there were thousands of people on Puri roads. Lord Jagannath fulfills everyone’s wishes,” he said.

'In Odisha, There Is One Slogan- Pehli Baar Double-Engine Sarkar'

"Such enthusiasm, I am witnessing right in front of my eyes... There is only one slogan in Odisha- Odisha Me Pehli Baar Double Engine Sarkar," claimed PM Modi while addressing a public meeting in Angul.

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“The people of Odisha trusted the BJD government for 25 years and now they are introspecting what they have achieved during this period. Today, the farmers here are worried, the youths are moving outside the state in search of small jobs and it is also unfortunate that the tribal areas which have an abundance of natural resources are the most neglected,” said PM Modi.

'Why People Of Such Prosperous State Forced To Lead Life In Deprivation?'

"I am deeply hurt that despite being a rich and prosperous state, people here are forced to lead their life in deprivation. Who has destroyed the state and shattered the dreams of the millions of youth here," questioned PM Modi alleging, “The reason is BJD government as it is surrounded by corrupted people. A handful of corrupt people have captured the CMO. The small BJD leaders are now crorepatis. The BJD government did not allow people to reap the benefits of mineral resources. After coming to power in 2014, we brought the new mining policy and now Odisha getting more royalty and set the district mineral fund so that one portion of mining is utilised for the people of the region,” said PM Modi.

DMF Money Usurped - PM Modi

The BJP government provided Rs 26000 crore under the district mineral fund. The money was meant to be spent on schools and construction of roads in villages. But the BJD people did corruption in this as well, alleged PM Modi.

'Even Lord Jagannath Temple Not Safe Under BJD Govt'

Under the BJD rule, neither Odisha’s resources nor the cultural heritage of the state is protected. Under the BJD sarkar, even the Lord Jagannath temple is not safe now. It is now six years that there is no information regarding the keys of the Ratna Bhandar, said PM Modi.

“When our keys of houses are lost, we pray to Lord Jagannath and find them within one or two hours with the Lord’s blessing. But the keys of Lord Jagannath are missing, and it has been 6 years now. The BJD government and those who are around and captured the CM are to be blamed for this. The entire Odisha wants to know what happened to the investigation report. What is there in the report that the BJD suppressed it? Hence, suspicion is growing over BJD’s silence. I assure the people that once the BJP government comes to power, the entire truth will come out and we will make the report public. Our service to Lord Jagannath will begin from this work. It is a serious issue as no sensitivity has been shown by the present government. Only the Odias can usher massive development of the state. Vote BJP to power, the party will make an Odia son or daughter its CM. I again invite you all to the oath-taking ceremony of the double engine government on June 10," he said.

'Odisha Of 21st Century Wants Rapid Development And BJD Cannot Provide It'

The bulk of the century has been given to the BJD and now time has come to select the fast-paced development sarkar of BJP. The Rengali irrigation project has been continuing since decades along with the Subarnarekha projects. If BJP is voted to power, we will bring these projects under PM Krish Sichayi Yojana. There are eight such major irrigation projects which are hanging in balance for decades. Five projects have already been completed by Modi Sarkar while the major projects of BJD are in complete, said the Prime Minister.

'Farmers Cheated & Looted In Odisha'

The paddy farmers have been cheated for a long in Odisha as they are not getting the fixed Rs 2200 MSP. Besides, the BJD leaders are looting them in mandis, alleged PM Modi.

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“Once the BJP government is formed in Odisha, the paddy MSP will be increased to Rs 3100 per quintal. The Katni-Chatni practice of looting farmers will be stopped by installing electric weighing machines. The corrupt deeds of the BJD are now coming to the fore. The BJD government neglected the tribals while the Modi government brought in a number of welfare schemes. The Naveen government is also not implementing the PESA Act,” said PM Modi.

According to PM Modi, due to the BJD government women are facing problems in running their houses.

“Money is being provided for the free rice scheme. But the BJD people are pasting their own picture and selling the rice of the people outside. The BJP has come up with a major scheme- Subhadra scheme for women in Odisha. The Modi Sarkar is also working to make the electricity bill here Zero. Hence, I urge the people of Odisha to vote for MLA and MP candidates of BJP,” said PM Modi.

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