Ramakanta Biswas

Investors duped by various tainted chit fund companies in Odisha on Tuesday threatened to launch Gana Satyagraha (mass agitation) afresh from September 29 while accusing the State government of hoodwinking them over the past eight years.

Addressing a presser, the members of the duped investors’ joint forum said the agitation against alleged deception by the government will be organised throughout the State.

The forum said the State government has been hoodwinking the depositors duped by the dubious money circulation companies for the past eight years. 

“When elections near, the State government makes various promises assuring to refund the money of the cheated depositors. However, the government forgets all promises once the elections get over,” the forum alleged. 

Rabi Das, advisor of duped investors’ joint forum said, “The duped investors filed affidavits by spending crores of rupees, but how many of them got back their money?” 

“The State government does not provide the details regarding the property, bank account, houses and plots it has confiscated from the chit fund companies and how many investors were refunded with the proceeds of the seized property,” he alleged. 

Jayanta Das, president of duped investors’ joint forum said, “We will organise Satyagraha on September 29 from Deogaon tehsil in Bolangir. The agitation will spread like wildfire throughout the State and continue till the last duped investor is refunded.”

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