Pradeep Pattanayak

In a recent twist of events in the Nimapara ZP member Dharmendra Sahoo suicide case, an audio clip has come to the fore wherein Sahoo can be heard saying that for Minister Samir Ranjan Dash he would end his life. 

Deceased Sahoo talked to one named Akshaya Nayak, a journalist. 

During the purported telephonic conversation, Sahoo named seven persons including Minister Dash, his wife and father-in-law as responsible for him taking the extreme step. 

BJP leader Prabhati Parida has brought this telephonic conversation to the fore at a press conference today. It was Parida who targeted Minister Dash from the very beginning, alleging his involvement in Sahoo’s death case. 

“Sahoo had called his friend on the day of incident saying Dash would be responsible if he takes an extreme step. He also asked his friend to record the conversation and make it public,” informed Parida at the conference. 

“Earlier we doubted his (Dash) involvement. Now as it has been confirmed that he is responsible for Sahoo’s death, we demand he should immediately be arrested,” added Parida.

Talking exclusive to OTV, Sahoo’s friend Nayak said, “Sahoo discussed everything with me for about an hour the fateful night. He attributed two things to his ending life; one is political and the second is family issues.”

“He held seven persons responsible for his death including Minister Samir Ranjan Dash. He said Minister Dash had caused him trouble on several occasions, falsely blaming him. While naming Minister Dash’s name, he used slangs. This suggests how much trouble was caused by Dash and how much upset he was with him (Dash),” explained Nayak. 

When asked, why he revealed about the conversation five days after Sahoo’s death, Nayak said, “I had faith on police investigation. It was when I found the police were still groping in the dark, I was forced to make the conversation public. I did it for his peace.”

When asked why he didn’t deposit the audio with the police and went with the BJP, Nayak said, “Sahoo has taken the Minister’s name. I was sure that when I make the audio public, I would need protection. The BJP assured me that they would side with me.”

BJP Puri district president Ashrit Patnaik said, “We demand the Minister’s resignation. And murder case be registered against him. We will keep fighting until the demands are met.”