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Vikash Sharma

As we step into the New Year, people across the globe are turning towards astrology and other forecast measures to check what’s in store for them in 2022.

Tarot Card reading also provides a comprehensive outlook through which one can get answers through a divination method. In Tarot reading, a deck of cards is used to provide a sense of direction, personalised readings for individual insights.

Mrs Bina Sheth @ Divine Bliss from Cuttack Odisha, a certified Tarot card reader-Reiki Master-Healer has done a reading for people to guide them into year 2022. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.

Tarot Card Predictions And Guidance for Year 2022 As Per Each Zodiac Sign:

1. Aries (March 21- April 20)

Career and Finance- Career and financial issues will keep you disappointed and stuck for first few months of the year. However, things will improve with new creative projects and ventures/ jobs will bring prosperity from the middle part of the year. You need to stay determined, take actions which will play a crucial role in bringing more luck to your career.

Health - Good health and wellness in the first few months of the year. Caution- health issues might come up during middle part of the 2022 which might seek your attention. Advice- you need to be disciplined in your eating habits. Guidance is to keep your unhealthy habits under control. Moderation is the key for good health.

Relationship- Your relationships will be loving and full of fun and warmth in the first few months of the year but in the middle of the year, emotional issues might arise which can be overcome by open communication and coming together. Towards the end of the year, emotional balance will bring love and harmony.

Singles, be open for new love. Give time and space for new love to enter your life.

2. Taurus (April 21- May 20)

Career and Finance - Beware of deceit and trickery around you in matters of both career and finances. Avoid risky investments and gambling for the first few months of the year. In the middle of the year good luck and abundance will be with you. With previous investment of time and money, things will go very well in the later part of the year. Enjoy fruits of your hard work and investments. Success is on your side.

Health- Give attention to your health issues and make necessary changes in the start of the year, otherwise, there might be health turmoil. By mid-2022 your health will be good and full of vitality with good changes in later part of the year. Also beware of impending medical emergency which needs to be treated quickly.

Relationships- Good loving relationships are on the way in the start of the year but in the middle of the year, there might be struggles in relationships. Negativity and drama can persist. Advice- Listen, co-operate & compromise. Egotistical behaviour might not help your relations. Towards the end of the year new loving energy might bring optimism. Stay grounded.

Singles will be enjoying parties and celebrations and enjoying their singlehood.

3. Gemini (May 21-June 22)

Career and Finance - Things will progress quickly for you in first few months of 2022. High energy and fast paced work, work related travel is on cards. Money will be coming fast to you but don’t be hasty in your actions and spend/ use money carefully as energy is high. In the middle of the year, you will achieve your goals through your hard work. Promotion and accomplishments are yours. In later months, there might be some tension and strife in work and career also. Be careful with money as deceit or underhand work is also seen.

Health - You will have to be careful as far as your health is concerned in first few months of the year as old illness return to trouble you. Advice- Just don’t give up and push forward. By middle of the year, your health might make you depressed but don’t give up, ask for support if needed. You will come out of it and your health will improve and you will be out of depressive mood. You will be in your best health by the end of the year.

Relationships - Your relationships will be positive right from the start of the year. Past relationships might also come back. Happy and harmonious for you in the middle of the year. Reunion is also seen. Great time for you to meet new people in the later months of the year. Love and care for you in this year.

Singles- You might find a good partner and marriage is also seen for singles.

4. Cancer -(June 21-July 22)

Career and Finance- There might be people around you to deceit you or steal projects from you. Use your sharp wit and dare to put yourself ahead. Put strategies and plans to advance ahead in career. Uncertainty might come in the middle of the year. Be careful with money and investments. Unexpected changes might come. But new energy and change in the last few months is being seen. Have patience and research your opportunities and risk. Time of change for you.

Health - Be mindful of your safety and well-being as sudden health related issues might come up in the first few months. Advice- Go with the flow and have positive attitude. By mid-2022, you may be in good health and energy level. During end months listen to your body and don’t ignore any concerns. Maintain the balance of your health.

Relationship - In the first few months of the year there might be discontentment in the relationships. But in the middle of the year, forgiveness and healing might come which will bring new love and hope in the relationship by end months of the year Singles might have to choose between two lovers.

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5. Leo -(July 23 - August 22 )

Career and Finance- By the start of the year, you will have choices to make between two paths. Finances will be stable. Good atmosphere in your workplace by mid-year and by the end of the year promotion and prosperity is being seen for you. Overall, a good year for you.

Health- New burst of energy and motivation in the start of the year to tackle your health issues. Old negative energy might affect you in the middle of the year. Try healing or some energy work to release that negativity. By end of the year good health and vitality will return.

Relationship- There will be more need for you to connect with your relations from the start of the year. Spend quality time with your partner and family as it will bring stability and marriage by the middle of the year. Maintain high standards in relationships thereafter. Singles will connect with intellectual partners.

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6. Virgo- August 23-September 22)

Career and Finance- Things will be unclear for you in the first few months. Miscommunication can cause problems. Advice- Trust your instincts. Mid 2022, there will be conflicts and stress. Take informed decisions as there will be unwillingness to see the truth. Get professional help if needed. By the end months you might be unsatisfied and resentful. Have gratitude and things will improve. Keep your balance.

Health- New Year will bring good health but by the middle of year adversity in career and finance might bring stress affecting your health. Advice- ground yourself, meditate and take care of your health. End of the year you will be forced by universe to take positive adjustments for your health. Be kind to your body and health.

Relationship- At the start of the year give space in your relations otherwise it will bring stress and worry in mid of the year. You will have to work hard to bring balance in relationships during the end months but things will improve. Your partner will enrich your life. Singles will find an independent partner who will enrich their life.

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Mrs. Bina Sheth



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