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Vikash Sharma

After witnessing a chaotic 2021 which saw several natural disasters as well as a devastating second wave of Covid-19 hitting in regular intervals, people are looking forward to start their lives afresh by welcoming the New Year 2022 in grand style.

It was no less than a roller coaster ride for several people who lost their loved ones as well as jobs owing to the pandemic-induced layoffs and financial crisis in 2021. Despite the threat posed by Omicron, the new Covid-19 variant, people are looking forward to and praying for good luck as well as peace in their lives in 2022.

There are a large number of people who are curious to know what is in store for them in the New Year. What will the year 2022 bring for them in terms of finance, health, career, love are the basic questions that is creating ripples in the minds of many.

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Your Fortune In 2022


Career: You will achieve great results, but you need to put in your best efforts. There is a high probability of learning new things in 2022.

Health: Care must be taken to maintain good health.

Students: It will be a good phase for students as they will benefit from hard work.

Relationship: Married life is expected to be great throughout the year.

Finance: It will be a great year in terms of finances.


Career: Promotions are on the charts.

Health: You need to be extra cautious and start regular excises. You should not neglect your health in any manner.

Students: Hard work will pay off for the students.

Relationship: It will open doors for bachelors to tie the nuptial knot. Those already into a relationship, the marital life will fare well.

Finance: Successful accumulation of wealth will be a possibility.


Career: It will be the best year for all those aspirants who were searching for their dream jobs/ career.

Health: You need to be extra careful and protective as far as your health is concerned.

Students: It will be only through efforts which may improve your learning and shall give the required confidence.

Relationship: As far as your relationship with soul mate is concerned, it will be a boon for your love life.

Finance: Financial position is likely to be strengthened compared to the past experiences.


Career: To achieve new heights, traveling is inevitable for overall development.

Health: You need to be cautious during the first half of the year. If you succeed, it would yield a healthier second half.

Students: Single piece of advice for students- Self-confidence holds the key to success.

Relationship: If you were going through a rough patch in 2021, all the differences among partners are likely to be resolved in 2022.

Finance: Saturn is favourable. Purchase of new vehicle would be beneficial.


Career: You will enjoy good positivity at workplace.

Health: Be cautious about diet as gut issues might crop up.

Students: You will set high targets and achieve them in 2022.

Relationship: May welcome a new member in the family.

Finance: Fortunes will shine as there will be financial inflow from multiple sources.


Career: Job change and new income opportunities in 2022.

Health: Proper care and caution would resolve all the existing health issues to some extent.

Students: Success is certain and students are likely to excel in academics.

Relationship: Tremendous improvement in love and affection.

Finance: You will gain big from real estate. Advice- avoid unnecessary expenditures.


Career: New job opportunities, benefits in business stored in 2022.

Health: Will be at its best Students: Prosperous year awaits all the students.

Relationship: Good marriage opportunity for all singles.

Finance: Think twice before investing in stocks and shares.


Career: Position of leadership waiting to kiss your feet.

Health: Willpower will help to fight diseases and maintain good health.

Students: Success is ahead. Relationship: Avoid unnecessary arguments for harmony

Finance: Before investing, do all the required research as it may land you in trouble.


Career: You can achieve good results only through hard work.

Health: You need to be watchful during mid-year to avoid health issues.

Students: Best opportunities ahead.

Relationship: You should avoid harsh words to maintain harmony in your relationship.

Finance: Freedom from financial issues.


Career: A dawn of success is waiting in 2022.

Health: You can enjoy a carefree year if you follow a balanced diet regime.

Students: Mixed results for students in 2022.

Relationship: Maintain good relationship with your partner to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Finance: Benefits from ancestral properties in sight.


Career: Those looking for name and fame will get it with ease in 2022.

Health: It will be an average year in terms of good health.

Students: Will yield expected and long awaited results.

Relationship: You will spend harmonious time with family which was missing so far.

Finance: You should avoid taking loans and avoid lending money to others.


Career: Change in work ethics will be highly favourable.

Health: Shadow casted by Jupiter will give mixed results

Students: Competitive aspirants will get best results in 2022.

Relationship: Mutual support and understanding will avoid disappointments in relationship.

Finance: Exponential growth in terms of finance expected.

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