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Vikash Sharma

The year 2022 has got off to a mixed start with apprehension in the minds of people on account of the lurking Omicron threat. Amidst the uncertainties, people are curious to know about their future and how things will shape up for them in this New Year.

After providing a considerable insight about several zodiac signs including Aries, Taurus and others, Mrs Bina Sheth @ Divine Bliss from Cuttack Odisha, a certified Tarot card reader-Reiki Master-Healer has come up with the annual prediction for the remaining zodiac signs.

According to Sheth, the year 2022 will bring in a lot of positivity, but at the same time, it will instil a sense of panic as well as concern as far health of some people are concerned. However, people can overcome every hurdle by staying positive and take life as it comes.

Tarot Card Predictions And Guidance for Year 2022 As Per Each Zodiac Sign:

Libra- (September 23- October 22)

Career and Finance- You will have to wait for the expected outcome in career and finance for few initial months. Seek advice from somebody wise enough to help and guide you to convert your ideas into a reality. By middle of the year, you will be recognised and rewarded and, at the same time, money will flow, bringing profits and good results. Success will be yours by the end of the year. Be responsible and practical.

Health- Start any fitness regime from the beginning of the year. You will fell young and energetic. Don’t give up if any health issues are arise during the middle of the year. You can do it. End of the year will bring social events and celebrations but be mindful of excessive indulgence as it might impact your health.

Relationship- The amount of commitment and dedication you put in relations will bring mutual love and help achieve goals together in the beginning months. But some struggles in life might make you feel unloved and ignored. Don’t let things torn you apart. Be patient and forgiving, things will improve.

Singles socialise if you want to have a partner

Scorpio-(October 23-November 22)

Career and Finance- The New Year will usher good start for you, both in terms of career and finances. Things will go well. Middle of the year universe will force you to look for better things and take actions accordingly. Finance will be little tight. You will make through it in last few months. Good and big changes waiting for you in this year.

Health- Good health for you if followed by regular exercise and good eating habits. Give yourself much time from the start of the year. By middle of the year you will be in excellent health. Maintain work life balance to keep good health. Don’t overdo things.

Relationship- Maintain open and honest communication in relationships as separation is seen. If the relationship survives this separation then long term good relations or marriage can be possible. Harmony will be there in the middle of the year. But last few months will bring huge changes which might want you to accept the truth either to move on or transform with changes to keep the relationship.

Singles change old behaviour and patterns to bring in new love. Transform yourself.

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Sagittarius -(November 23-December 21)

Career and Finance- Great start for you in the start of the year. Good opportunities in job/ career and chances of windfall of money also bright. Find gratitude for what you have and be open to opportunities around you in the middle of the year as you might feel stagnant and stuck. End months will bring great success and prosperity for you .Good year for you.

Health- Show more compassion towards yourself and your body. Seek support if needed. You will be in a positive state of health in the starting and middle part of the year. Time for great healing by the end of the year as some old energies might affect you so take healing to release it. Overall good health.

Relationship- Harmonious relations at the start of the year. By middle of the year some conflicts and drama might come up. Keep your temper under control. Allow freedom and space in relations to bring harmony. By the end of the year things will be positive.

Singles will be enjoying their freedom but give space for new love to come in your life.

Capricorn-(December 22-January 19)

Career and Finance- In the start of the year, you may be feeling stressed with burden of work and finance. But you have to come out of negative thoughts. Look at the situations in a more realistic manner. By middle of the year, beware of deceit and people who undermine you. Put yourself ahead in the game. You may be forced to find work by end months as there might be drop in income sources. Make practical adjustments. Things will improve. Little tough year for you so be open minded and grounded.

Health- Stress of career and finance will drain your energy. Treat yourself with kindness and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Give importance to your mental and emotional health in later months of the year. Try to keep positive outlook. You will regain your health.

Relationship- It’s a tough year for you as relationship crisis is also seen .Don’t fall into nasty arguments. But middle of the year will bring joy and family celebrations and stability in relationship. You will feel secure, your relationship will thrive and both will work together towards your financial goals by the end of the year.

Singles- Good things will happen and partners for those who wait till the end.

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Aquarius - (January 20-February 19)

Career and Finance- For first few months you might feel trapped in a job or a situation. Evaluate what you want and make moves accordingly. Finance will be tight. Middle of the year will bring good opportunities and promotion. Good time to make investments. Finance in positive direction, quick action and great investments will bring windfall of money in the last few months. Big change in career also indicated.

Health- Good health for you at the start of the year. By middle of the year, if your life is fast paced simplify it to maintain good health. Happy times towards the end of the year which will bring good health and vitality.

Relationship- Big financial decisions to be taken together with your partner. Also make a choice to take relationship further or not. Be honest with yourself. There will surge in energy and optimism in the relationship by middle of the year and by the end of the year you will be contended and your relationship will bring joy and happiness.

Singles have possibility of finding a loving and nurturing partner.

Pisces-(February 20-March 20)

Career and Finance- At the start of the year it’s good time for new ventures and promotions. You can make extra money. By middle of the year you will feel worn out to complete your task or projects due to unexpected expenses. But in the end months that vigour and spontaneity will be back and you will be determined to fulfil your goals and take fast actions. Positive upswing in finances during the end of the year.

Health- Start of the year it indicates to release emotional baggage, if any, as it might bring health issues. Middle of the year brings good health and vitality but don’t overdo things. Make your routine structured to maintain and improve your health otherwise you might feel worn out towards the end of the year.

Relationship- Starting months of the year might bring conflicts and heartbreak in your relationship. It indicates difficult situation which need to be addressed. By mid of the year great love, respect and harmony will be experienced. Towards the end months you will excel in maintaining high standards in relationships. You and your partner will be deeply connected on all levels.

Singles will seek high standards and intellectual partners.

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