Cassian Baliarsingh

They say it is difficult to know whether a person will remain faithful to you in a relationship forever. So, it is very important to understand the red flags in a boy or a girl. Here, we have come up with the signs in a woman in a relationship that are considered to be signs of toxic, immature, or just plain unhealthy connection. 

Below are 5 important red flags you have to notice in your female partner before you fall head over heels for her and suffer from heartbreak.

1.    History of cheating: It is very easy to get into a relationship these days because people tend to fall in love with the face and body instead of the spirit, heart, and character. So, it is better to get the history of your partner before jumping into a relationship. If she has a history of cheating in her previous relationships, you are surely going to end up like her ex-boyfriends.

2.    No effort in a relationship: Whenever you find yourself giving more energy than you receive, it is fine to pull yourself back. If your girlfriend isn’t putting any effort into the relationship and is in it for the sake of it. Oh boy! You better get out of it ASAP!

3.    Gold digger: In this era of social media, most girls fancy going to expensive restaurants, clubs, pubs, shopping malls, and other outdoor places only to flaunt on social media. So, boyfriends become a sort of their ATMs to fulfill their unusual, kinky desires. If your girl doesn't enjoy spending time with you and instead prefers to go to fancy clubs, and restaurants, you better be careful.

4.    Hiding mobile phone: A loyal girlfriend wouldn’t mind showing you her phone. In most instances, girlfriends ask their boyfriends to hold their phones. Imagine your girlfriend hiding her phone from you, then boss, there is something fishy that you need to find out.

5.    Frequent calls and messages: We have seen people getting irritated on getting calls and messages. However, only a loyal person would do that. So, it is necessary to understand that a well-wisher like your mother or a loyal person will only call or text you many times in a day. And if your girl is too busy to not even text you, it is no rocket science to understand that there is someone else in her inbox.