Ramakanta Biswas

The Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) is mulling over implementing digital marking system in order to transform the marking processes for summative answer books through leveraging information technologies and best practices. 

The initiative is aimed at establishing an error-free, secure, transparent and accountable system and reduce logistic burden for movement of answer books.

The Commission feels the digital marking system will help maintain anonymity of the examinee throughout the evaluation process.

Besides, the objective of the digital marking system is to achieve highest possible security eradicating tampering of answer books, imbibe zero tolerance to errors in evaluating summative answer books and to facilitate instant retrieval of answer book on requests.

Moreover, the system will provide the faculty of evaluate-from-home to the evaluators of answer books to meet the need of the hour in pandemic crisis.

The recruiting body has recently invited expression of interest from service providing agencies capable to implement digital marking system. Through the expression of interest, the service providing agencies are supposed to submit detailed information about their qualification and experience in implementing digital marking system.

The agencies are also required to update the Commission on best practices and methodologies they have adapted in their past projects. The last date for submission of Expression of Interest is March 29, 2022 (4 pm). 

The scope of work for the service provider is laid as follows:

Providing Digital Marking Solution
Staging, Training and Production Environment
Managing Scanning Centre
Providing Evaluation Centre
Providing Supervisors and Evaluators