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Vikash Sharma

Ahead of the auspicious ‘Ananta Brata’ which will be observed at the Ananta Vasudeva temple tomorrow (September 19), the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Saturday clamped restrictions on public gathering in view of the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

In a directive, the BMC has made it clear that there shall be no public gathering, public darshan and Mahaprasad sevan of any kind in the temple for Ananta Brata celebrations this year.

The BMC said, “The Ananta Brata at Vasudeva temple in Bhubaneswar usually witnesses very large gatherings. However, the current Covid scenario demands caution and restrictions on mass gatherings.”

Earlier on August 9, the Odisha government had issued comprehensive guidelines for the observance of Puja/ celebrations of festivals in the State.

Here are details:

1. There shall be no public gathering, public darshan, Mahaprasad sevan of any kind in the temple on September 19 for Ananta Brat celebration.

2. The usual temple rituals to be adopted by the priest/sevayats for the Ananta Brata will continue by adopting strict COVID protocol.

3. The temple administration shall ensure that only those sevayats having full vaccination are permitted with proper use of mask and maintaining social distancing among themselves.

4. The temple administration to provide hand sanitization for the priests/sevayats at the temple premises for the purpose.

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