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  • The yesteryear actress has some strong and interesting memories of working with Big B.
  • Zeenatji shared a shocking incident when she was insulted because Big B was late for the shooting.

Zeenat Aman and Amitabh Bachchan worked in many movies together and made a very good pair on the screen. They delivered some massive hits together including Don and The Great Gambler. Naturally, the yesteryear actress has some strong and interesting memories of working with Big B. She tried to recollect one such interesting memory with the Bollywood superstar while wishing a delayed birthday wish to Amitji.

Zeenat Aman penned that she remembered a particular movie for which she was working with Amitabh Bachchan. On the day of the shooting she as usual had come on time and was in her makeup room ready for the shot. In her post, she writes, “We had a morning shift that day, and I hitched a ride to set with the film’s producer. As always, I had my script in hand and rehearsed my lines as we drove to the studio. Upon my arrival, I went directly to my makeup room and informed the crew to send me a message once Mr. Bachchan was ready for the shot.” For the first time as Zeenat Aman mentions Amitji was late by an hour and when she was informed that the hero had come straight to the set from the car she immediately went downstairs to the set.


A post shared by Zeenat Aman (@thezeenataman)

What happened shocked Zeenat Aman to the core as the drunk and furious director of the movie started hurling abuses at her. The director was under the impression that the shooting was delayed because of Zeenat Aman. The actress was so furious that she just went upstairs and asked her team to pack up and leave the movie. But then Amitabh Bachchan came with the director and apologised to her for being late and somehow convinced Zeenatji to continue working on the movie.

They did complete the film and it was a big hit. However, Zeenat Aman has refrained from mentioning the name of the movie. But her followers have guessed that it is Laawaris.


A post shared by Zeenat Aman (@thezeenataman)

Incidentally, earlier the Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress had made a mention of Amitji getting late only once and that was during the making of Laawaris. So it is quite clear that Zeenat Aman here is mentioning the same movie but has maybe opted out of mentioning it out of respect for the director.

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