Cassian Baliarsingh

Star India batsman Shubman Gill has been hogging the limelight ever since he hit a career-best 208 in the one-day international match against New Zealand in Hyderabad. Gill hit 19 fours and nine sixes in a 149-ball marathon of innings to achieve his first double ton.

Apart from his on-field performances, Shubman Gill is in the news for his personal life and alleged relationship with ‘Sara’. However, the internet is still in a dilemma over which Sara is actually dating Shubman Gill - actress Sara Ali Khan or master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s gorgeous daughter Sara Tendulkar.

Meanwhile, an old video of fans chanting the name of Sara at Shubman Gill has resurfaced on social media. However, it is Virat Kohli’s hilarious reaction to the chants that makes the video all the more special.

The video shared by a fan page shows the crowd chanting ‘Hamari bhabhi Kaiso Ho? Sara Bhabhi Jaisi Ho’.

While Shubman can be seen ignoring the chants, it is GOAT Virat Kohli’s hilarious reaction that is going viral. Reacting to the crowd, Kohli raised his hands and encouraged the crowd to shout more.

Watch the video here:

Worth mentioning, Sara and Shubman’s dating rumours began last year when the two were spotted together in a hotel and later on a flight.

To add fuel to the rumours, Shubman appeared in a show hosted by Sonam Bajwa and said, ‘He May Be, Or May Not Be,’ dating Sara when the latter questioned him on his relationship.

On the other hand, Shubman has also been reported of dating Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara. However, there has been no official confirmation in either of the two cases.