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The stunning Urvashi Rautela, who was part of the Paris Fashion Week, is currently stuck in riot-hit France and is worried about her team’s well-being. 

The 29-year-old actress is left shaken and anxious about how things would turn out as protests and riots continue in Paris.

The ‘Virgin Bhanupriya’ actress, who had been to Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week, has been stuck there since the violence broke out on July 28, after a teen was fatally shot by a cop during a traffic stop.

“I’m happy that I could fulfill my professional commitment despite the unrest in the country. Everything in Paris is smooth now. Earlier, I was really petrified, but things are okay now,” the actress was quoted by Hindustan Times.

She further added, “Infact, I have my team here with me, and I’m really concerned about their safety. In fact, our families back in India are also worried about our safety because they are reading about the news. So, we are trying to keep ourselves as safe as we can.”

Talking about the situation in Paris, she said, “It saddens me deeply to witness the turmoil and division that has gripped this beautiful country. The power of unity and understanding is crucial now more than ever. I feel violence only breeds more violence, but compassion and empathy can heal wounds and build bridges. Let us work towards creating a future where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued.”

“I have personally always admired the rich culture, history, and the spirit of France. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the unrest. Stay strong, stay united, and together, we will rise above this adversity,” she concluded.


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