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Destiny can be cruel at times. Rekha was born on 10th October while Amitabh Bacchan was born on 11th October. It’s almost like Saturday and Sunday. If you look at the time as a straight line that moves ahead only, Saturday is so close to Sunday, but Sunday is so far away from Saturday (5 days apart). It is a sad poetic injustice that seems to be the case with these two stars as well-- together, yet so far! 

Oddly enough, both have the same zodiac sign-- Libra. Those born with this sun sign are said to be a good pair with each other. If two people with this sun sign fall in love with each other, they will share a blissful, romantic relationship that is full of beauty, sensuality, and pleasure. 

A Libra zodiac sign loves harmony and aesthetics and it is no surprise therefore, when two Libras come together, they bring their magically balanced and beautiful touch to everything.

Perhaps we witnessed this same harmony, aesthetics and love on-screen between Amitabh and Rekha. As fans, maybe we wanted to see them together in real life too. Bollywood is ripe with all sorts of stories why this pair did not come together, what is the truth, no one will ever know.

The reasons could be many but the one that stands out is Amitabh’s marriage. Amitabh Bachchan was already married to Jaya when his affair with Rekha started making headlines. 

Both Amitabh and Rekha met on the sets of ‘Do Anjaane’ and with their second movie, ‘Ganga ki Saugandh’ their love story was grabbing a lot of media attention.
But it was during the shooting of their movie, Silsila that their relationship started fading. According to the reports, Rekha has asked Amitabh Bachhan to marry her, but he refused as he was not ready to leave his wife Jaya Bachchan and this eventually led them to take different paths in life.

In an interview with Simi Grewal, Rekha opened up about her relationship with Amitabh and mentioned that Jaya Bachchan earlier thought it was a minor fling, so didn’t bother about it too much. But later when Amitabh started getting emotionally involved in the relationship, she drew the line of sorts by clarifying to Rekha that no matter what, she won’t leave her husband. 

Since the zodiac sign Libra believes in harmony and balance, both Rekha and Amitabh chose not to unsettle each other’s lives. Rekha continues to maintain deepest regard for Amitabh as a mentor and guru and for Jaya Bacchan as a mature, collected and centred human being. 

Maybe the song  “yeh kahan aa gaye hum, yunhi saath saath chalte… '' from their movie, Silsila, unknowingly yet fully summarises the relationship between Amitabh and Rekha.