Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The Kapil Sharma Show right now needs a big change that will stop its TRP from going down further.
  • Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma's team can do the trick for TKSS.

The Kapil Sharma Show has lost its earlier glitter. Now, it is struggling to stay on the air as consistently dropping TRP’s indicate that people are turning their back to this comedy show. The platform and format are the same, so are the other characters with a few changes. Even then, The Kapil Sharma Show seems to have lost the appeal which it had once.

In a bid to add something new the TKSS, the makers are now planning to introduce Chedulal, a new character that has been created through AR technology. But some believe that it may not do the trick of attracting millions of viewers to the show, and Kapil and his team need to do something very different and interesting that will escalate the TRP of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Fans believe that Sunil Grover can be that person who can bring back that same, old appeal to the show. While all the other comedy shows of the Sunflower actor failed to lure the audience, his team with Kapil was something that everyone loved and adored. It is believed that if Kapil somehow manages to rope in Sunil Grover, there is a strong possibility that it can create the expected effect as TKSS fans are dying to see Sunil’s Gutthi and Rinku Bhabhi interact hilariously with Kapil’s Arora Saab.

The two have been magical both on the stage and on the screen and their pairing after a long gap on The Kapil Sharma Show is sure to glue the viewers to the television screen.

It is a known fact that Sunil dropped out of Kapil’s comedy show after the two had an ugly fight on a flight. However, over the last few years, their relationship has improved and both have said that if the right opportunity comes their way, they will definitely think of collaborating.

If The Kapil Sharma Show has to bring back its glory, which seems to be fading, Sunil Grover’s return can work as the trump card that it has been looking for, believe fans of the comedy show.