Poonam Singh

Even as he celebrates 'Jawan' breaking its own record and earning Rs 90 crore (the highest ever for a Hindi film) on Saturday, Shah Rukh Khan congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the successful completion of the G20 Summit.

Responding to a video link on the formation of the Global Biofuels Alliance put up by the Prime Minister with the comment, "Productive discussions at the G20 Summit for a better planet", Shah Rukh said: "Congratulations to Hon. PM @narendramodi ji for the success of India's G20 Presidency and for fostering unity between nations for a better future for the people of the world."

He added: "It has brought in a sense of honour and pride into the hearts of every Indian. Sir, under your leadership, we will prosper not in isolation but in Oneness. One Earth, One Family, One Future."

The post was reminiscent of his congratulatory comments and video on the new Parliament building at a time when the controversy over the Sengol and the Opposition's boycott of the inauguration was at its peak.

Earlier, another leading Bollywood actor, Anupam Kher, had hailed the Prime Minister for "democratising" the G20. Sharing his views on Instagram post, he wrote in the caption: "Jaya Jaya Bharatam! That is the feeling one gets when one witnesses the elaborate arrangements that have been made for the G20 Leadership Summit."

He added in the same positive vein: "High Tech, New Age, absolutely world class but steeped in our civilisational values, culture and rich heritage. This is the Bharat that we want the world to see, embrace and engage with. The national capital has seen a massive facelift."

Talking about how India has "democratised" G20 under the leadership of PM Modi, Kher wrote: "G20 has been democratised like never before. Nearly 60 cities and more than 210 meetings pan India. PM has walked the talk w.r.t. Jan Bhagidhari. It has become a Sabka G20 as every nook and corner of Bharat has hosted an event over the last year. The effect has been transformative and I am personally witness to it."