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Ramesh Sippy's cult movie Sholay clocked 47 years on Monday (August 15). Bollywood's He-Man Dharmendra, Millennium Star Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Dream Girl Hema Malini and Jaya Bhaduri were seen in the lead role.

Apart from all these characters, debutant Amjad Khan as the antagonist went on garner popularity overnight. Moreover, Asrani's 'Angrezon ke Zamane ke' Jailer character and Jagdeep's iconic character of Soorma Bhopali still tickle the funny bones of many.

After 1975, generations cropped up thereafter but Sholay has transcended the generation curve. 

Now that movies like Baahubali, KGF and RRR have crossed the Rs 1000 crore mark and even continuing their roar of success, Sholay still holds the forte and is minting big.

Team SholayTeam Sholay

The popular dialogue of Gabbar, "Arrey Oo Sambha, Kitna Innam Rakhe Hai Sarkar Hum Par" warrants an interesting twist here.

Had Gabbar been alive, he would be wondering at Samba by spelling the following punchlines "Arrey Oo Sambha, Suna Hai  Sholay ka Yaarana Aaj bhi Zabardast hai... Abhi Bhi Korodon mein kama raha "

A trip down the memory lane

People in 1980s and 90s were restricted to specific TV channels, daily shows as well as advertisements. That still is referred to as the golden era of television. The nation witnessed several advertisements aired during the commercial breaks that still get reminisced. Big companies like Britannia, Maggie, Amul, Bajaj and Tetley rode on Sholay's shoulders to market their products.

One of such was the Glucose D biscuit advertisement. Britannia chose to feature Gabbar in its ads, which was an unusual choice. Amjad Khan became the first villain to step into the world of commercial advertisements. 

The tagline of the product was “Gabbar Ki Asli Pasand.” Even Gabbar had a dialogue modulation for the product, "Kitne Biscuit the?”

It is not just about Britannia or Gabbar, several other characters, dialogues, theme music and other things were taken as inspiration by the ad makers. 

Raising the curtains, how Sholay still is minting big

The craze for Sholay remained high and even continues now. However, still, it remains a surprise for many how Sholay is still minting big after 47 years.

Raising the curtains, Sholay merchandise is minting big business even today. 

Recently Delhi HC slapped a Rs 25 lakh penalty for violation of the trademark act. The hefty amount is simply shocking.

A company was fined because it ran a website name, to which the Trademark holder Sholay media entertainment Ltd had objected and filed a suit for violation of the trademark act.




Sholay: A Heritage

It was 47 years back (1975) when the Indian Cine Industry witnessed the Iconic film Sholay. It was declared as the "Movie of the millennium". The cult movie went on to earn a still-standing record of 60 golden jubilees and became the highest-grossing Hindi film. However, before registering this unbreakable record, the makers witnessed poor financial returns in the first two weeks of its release. The film started picking up in the third week and became an overnight sensation.

Sholay has become a heritage since 1975, despite the Bollywood silver screen scene having changed from rugged Ramgarh terrain to KGF's Kolar Gold Fields.  Movie lovers still are in awe of Sholay, some specific scenes and dialogues like "Kitne Aadmi They, Sardar Maine Aapka Namak Khaya Hai, Aab Goli Kha, Basanti In Kutton Ke Samne Maat Nachna, Mera Toh Dil Hi Kuch Aisa Hai" and several more of such dialogues remain favourite of many. 

The evergreen songs like Yeh Dosti and Mehbooba Mehbooba are beyond any comparison. While Yeh Dosti is considered as the friendship anthem, Mehbooba Mehbooba is one of the favourite dance numbers. 

Even though the new punch lines of actors including Prabhas, Yash, Allu Arjun or Jr NTR emerged as the new craze, the iconic dialogues with a dash of fun from Sholay as memes still circulate on social media. Sholay's hangover certainly will remain forever among movie lovers till the existence of the entertainment industry.