Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

An introductory phrase for Millennium Star Amitabh Bachchan is needless. Being on the pinnacle of success, he has been ruling the hearts of movie lovers throughout his career of five decades now. It is not just Bollywood or India, his popularity sprawls across the globe. Rather than just being an actor, he is an institution in himself.

The tall and thin man with a baritone voice, who made his debut with Saat Hindustani in 1969, took four years to set his feet in the industry. While he had left impressions in the minds of movie lovers with his stellar performance in Anand as Dr Bhaskar Banerjee, it was Prakash Mehera's 'Zanjeer' that helped him become a star. 

After his first blockbuster in 1973, the tall actor never turned back. The 'Angry Young Man' of Bollywood got flooded with offers. Till date, he has worked in over 199 movies and has several blockbuster movies in his name. 

'The Real Gambler' who cheated death

Big B has fought several battles throughout his career, but the life battle he fought 40 years back still gives goosebumps to many. Of all the movies, Coolie, the action-comedy film helmed by Manmohan Desai and written by Kader Khan, holds a special place in the hearts of the actor himself as well as his fans as the 'Sholay' actor defeated death with well wishes and prayers of his admirers.

Amitabh is known for doing stunts on his own, unlike these days when actors get replaced by stunt men to perform dangerous stunts. While shooting an intense fighting sequence in Coolie, he was grievously hurt when he mistimed a jump. Co-star Puneet Issar accidentally punched in the gut of Amitabh which resulted in an internal abdominal injury. The day was August 2.

He was rushed to St. Philomena’s Hospital in an unconscious state in critical condition. From there, he was flown to Mumbai and was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital. The 'Lawaaris' actor underwent several surgeries and his health condition remained critical for several months. 

The entire nation prayed for the 'matinee idol'. It was after a long and arduous recovery that the actor returned home. While B-Town Don's original birthday is on October 11, August 2 is considered his second birthday by his fans. Even today, social media gets flooded with birthday wishes for him along with prayers for long life.

'Sharaabi' never drank alcohol!

While recovering from the injury, Big B was infused with almost 60 bottles of blood from 200 donors. However, one of the bottles carried Hepatitis B-infected blood. Though 'Mr. Natwarlal' recovered from his injuries, he contracted Hepatitis B after a few months.

Earlier, during an interview, the 'Majboor' actor himself revealed that cirrhosis had damaged 75 per cent of his liver and only 25 per cent of it functioned properly. Liver Cirrhosis is usually diagnosed in a person who is an alcoholic; however, the Sharaabi shared that he never drank alcohol.

In 2012, he got himself operated on where almost 75 per cent of his liver, which was not in a working state, was removed from the body. The actor is now surviving on 25 per cent liver.

Well, by cheating death multiple times, the actor has certainly become the real 'Muqaddar Ka Sikandar'. 

While people across the world keep him in their prayers, here are some of the devoted fans who celebrated Big B's second birthday on social media: