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Shaktimaan movie- a planned trilogy, is undeniably the much-awaited project that fans are eagerly waiting for. The excitement among fans has been elevating with each passing day since the day of the official announcement. While reports have been abuzz that Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has been 'almost locked' to step into the shoes of India's first and most-loved superhero, veteran actor and OG Shaktimaan, Mukesh Khanna has refuted the claims time and again. However, speculations are rife that the Simmba actor is one of the possible contenders. The recent meeting of Mukesh with Ranveer at the former's office added fuel to the buzz. 

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After the meeting, though Mukesh praised Ranveer quoting him as a person with a dynamic personality and energetic actor, the veteran actor has maintained his stand. After reports surfaced that the Padmaavat is locked to play the titular role in the superhero franchise, OG Shaktimaan cleared the air in his video shared on social media that not just Ranveer, no one has yet been finalised to step into the shoes of the beloved superhero.

Mukesh, who earlier lashed out at the Gunday actor, praised him later. Thus, it is speculated that Ranveer might be a part of Shaktimaan movie and may be seen in a pivotal role. Well, if not Shaktimaan, in which major character will Ranveer be seen? 

Given that Ranveer has already been seen in negative characters, instead of Superhero, the Bajirao Mastani actor might be seen in a character with grey shades.

Ranveer as Antagonist

Though the Cirkus actor has portrayed various characters on screen as a protagonist, be it in comedy, serious or action genre, Ranveer's portrayal of the tyrannical Sultan Alauddin Khilji was a tour de force. Playing the barbaric villainous character was definitely not easy. But, Ranveer brought life to the character's ruthless ambition, menacing charisma, and cunning manipulations, leaving audiences both repelled and spellbound. Moreover, the Padmaavat actor also was roped in for Prasanth Varma's Rakshas. Reportedly. he was to play a full-fledged villain arc in the movie. Though the movie has stalled, and Ranveer walked out of the project, the makers are in talks to continue with him as per earlier plans.

Wicked and Powerful Villains of Shaktimaan Apt for Ranveer

90s kids fond of Shaktimaan might be remembering several characters from the Superhero TV serial. When talking about the villains from Shaktimaan, the first name that comes into the mind is Tamraj Kilvish. Following Kilvish, there are several names of villains that pop up in minds that actually made Shaktimaan, the cult hero that he is. However, Dr Jackal, Sahab, Kapala, Kakodar, Kashtak, Kekda Man, Jonk Jonkaa, Toyman, Stone-man and Dr Chandola are some of the popular male villains of the story.

Here we bring the list of the villains that might be suitable for Ranveer Singh.

Tamraj Kilvish is the main antagonist of the entire franchise and Shaktimaan's archenemy. Tamraj means King of Darkness and Kilvish means shameful. Andhere ka Samrat has lived 6000 years and is the source of evil in the world is often treated as the personification of darkness itself. The role was played by Surendra Pal. 

Dr Jackal is an evil scientist who works for Kilvish. Though he is a brilliant scientist, his specialisation is cloning and various energy rays. He has scientifically created several villains against Shaktimaan. In the TV serial, he had the maximum screen space alongside Kilvish. Lalit Parimo played the role of the evil scientist.

Kapala is a corrupted Tantrik who serves Tamraj Kilvish. His primary skill is his shapeshifting to inanimate objects such as vehicles and weapons. He also has many other magical devices and servants under his control. Moreover, he has an odd sense of humour as he makes jokes while fighting Shaktimaan. There are several instances when he serves as comic relief. This is in contrast to other villains who are stark and serious. He also has a very fragile ego and falls victim to taunts. Faqir Nabi played the most loved villains of the superhero franchise.

Undeniably, the superhero always wins at the end. But, these villains play a vital role in making the superhero a cult. Though all the villains from the TV serial can't be brought to the silver screen, the audience would love to see a few of the villains and want the makers to be brought back again which actually made their childhood glorious. Actor Mukesh Khanna portrayed the titular character of the show Shaktimaan and his alter ego Gangadhar. Though Ranveer can hopefully carry on the legacy of portraying the superhero as well as his alter ego, the audience would be more interested if the actor plays the antagonist, given his previous performance in a dark character.

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While the plot of the Shaktimaan movie still remains unknown, many speculate that it will involve some of the major characters from the TV serial. Even speculations are rife that the makers have a completely new story in place.

However, these are just speculations and fans need to wait with patience until the makers make an official announcement regarding the cast and plot.

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