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  • Shalini Pandey was a bit anxious after doing a rape scene in Maharaja.
  • Recently she opened up about her shattering experience of working on this particular scene.

Jaidep Ahlawat and Junaid Khan ’s Maharaj released on OTT a few weeks ago. Shalini Pandey who also played a key role in Arjun Reddy portrays a girl Kishori in this digital release. In Maharaj Kishori is forced into having sex with Godman Maharaj played by Jaideep Ahlawat. During one of her recent interviews, the actress said that while shooting this scene she became extremely anxious.

Rather she was anxious right from the time she read the script even though her character Kishori is stupid. However, after understanding the complete characterization and conditioning of Kishori, Shalini Pandey understood why she acted the way she did in Maharaj.

The Jayeshbhai Jordaar actress shared, “When I actually did that scene with the Maharaj, the ‘charan seva’ scene… till the time I actually did it, I did not realise what impact it had on me because I did the scene and suddenly, I went out and I told my team I don’t want to be in a closed room, I need time, I need some fresh air, I am getting a little anxious.”

The actress revealed that both Jaideep as well as the director Siddharth P Malhotra understood her state of mind and gave her the required time and space. Shalini continued, “Playing Kishori who is such a naive sweet… Initially, when I read it, I was like bevakoof hai yeh toh (she is stupid) but then I realised she is not stupid, she just doesn’t know any better. She was conditioned so much that she believed everything she was doing.”

“When you feel and do it and think about it, it shatters you. Then you realise she is not stupid. I hope she knew that this was happening to her” she added.

Shalini Pandey who plays the love interest of Junaid in Maharaj looks innocent and her performance was also appreciated by many. Her chemistry with Junaid was also palpable which added more impact to the scenes between the two young actors.

On the other hand, Junaid Khan who made his OTT debut with Maharaj received mixed responses from the viewers. Since the star son is a theatre artist many viewers felt that he will need some time to adapt to this new medium.

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