Cassian Baliarsingh

In a joint Instagram post, former Miss Argentina Mariana Varela and an ex-Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentín announced that they are married.

Taking to their Instagram handles, Verala, 26 and Valentín, 22, announced, “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we now open our doors to a special day.”

They have shared a series of pictures and videos of them traveling. In one picture, they have shared their candlelit marriage proposal and a can be seen kissing outside a courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In just three days of their announcement, their Instagram post announcing their union amassed more than 116,000 likes and 2.6 million views. The comment section is also filled up with support from fans and fellow pageant queens.

Miss Grand International 2019 Valentina Figuera wrote, “Congratulations beauties, God bless your union and long live love!!!!” And Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 Danna Hernández commented, “Beautiful couple congratulations and blessings on your marriage!!!

According to sources, the beautiful couple met last March, when they participated in the Miss Grand International beauty pageant in Thailand.

The following week, Valentín posted an Instagram photo of the two women embracing each other. Taking to her Instagram handle, the beauty queen wrote, “One of the great gifts in this experience was your friendship, walking this process with you was a special and real one. I miss you, my girl @marianajvarela.”

Both of them could not win the beauty pageant. But, they made it to the top 10.

Earlier, they had dropped subtle hints of their romance on their Instagram handles with photos of them traveling together and sharing beautiful pictures.

Throughout the 18 months of their relationship, they have shared several pictures before making their public announcement.

Worth mentioning, same-sex marriage has been legal in Puerto Rico since 2015. It is also legal in much of Latin America, including Varela’s home country of Argentina. And, just last week, same-sex marriage officially became legal in all of Mexico’s states.