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  • Samantha on her recent podcast discussed about liver health with a Wellness Coach.
  • This has not gone well with a liver doctor who has slammed the actress for misinforming her followers.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has been one of the fittest Tollywood actresses. Even then she had to battle with a painful autoimmune disease Myositis that kept her away from work for a long duration. Now that she is back, healthier, and feeling much better, she is gearing up to resume her work with full zest.

During her recent health podcast, Samantha Ruth Prabhu talked about some important health aspects especially related to liver health. The health and wellness coach who appeared as a guest on this podcast talked about how Dandelion roots can help detoxify the liver.

The suggestions made by this wellness coach on Samantha’s podcast have not gone well with a liver doctor who has claimed that he has an experience of more than a decade working in this field and by doing such podcasts with some random coach who does not even have a medicine background, Samantha has misled and misinformed her 33 million followers.

In his long and elaborate post, the X user @theliverdr who goes by the name TheLiverDoc and also has a YouTube channel by the same name has said, “The podcast features some random health illiterate "Wellness Coach & Performance Nutritionist" who has absolutely no clue how the human body works and has the most rubbish content on his Instagram handle, including complete nonsense such as herbs to manage autoimmune disorders.”

He has added, “I am not sure how people with massive following very easily figure out the worst, science-illiterate people for them to invite to talk on science, medicine, and health on "health podcasts" that have nothing to do with health or medicine. It's just two science illiterates sharing their ignorance.”

The guest who appeared on Samantha Ruth Prabhu ’s podcast is Alkesh Sharotri who is supposed to be a wellness coach and a nutritionist. His Instagram bio says that he is a Wellness Coach, Sports & Performance Nutritionist.