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News Highlights

  • Salman Khan met a 9-year-old cancer survivor Jaganbir last month at his residence in Bandra.
  • The actor had promised Jagan that he would meet him if he fought and beat cancer.

Salman Khan is known for his generosity and kindness. Although he has been linked with some notorious activities in the past, Bhaijan fans simply dote on him. And the Bollywood superstar once again gave them a chance to love him more as he fulfilled a promise made to a young fan of 9 years fighting cancer.

Salman Khan fulfills his promise

The Tiger 3 star promised a young boy of 9 years Jaganbir that he would meet him in person once he has overcome cancer. It was a way for the superstar to challenge the young boy so that he could use it as an inspiration and remain determined to fight the deadly disease.

An interview on Indian Express says that Jaganbir lost his vision at the age of 3 years due to the presence of a coin-sized tumour in the brain. He was advised to seek treatment in Delhi or Mumbai. His concerned father Pushpinder took Jagan to Mumbai for treatment.

In his mind, Jagan was thinking that he was going on a journey to meet Salman Khan . The Bollywood Sultan first met Jagan when he was 4 years old and undergoing cancer treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. At that time, the Bharat actor promised young Jagan that he would meet him once again after his battle with cancer had concluded.

Now after completing 8 rounds of chemotherapy, Jagan has finally beaten cancer. As promised Salman Khan met Jagan at his Bandra residence in Mumbai fulfilling the wish of the young boy.

Kriti Sanon gets trolled for showing attitude

A day ago Kriti Sanon was spotted leaving the airport along with Shahid Kapoor when a young girl came forward to shake hands with both of them. First, she approached Sasha who was standing beside the Mimi actress to shake hands, and later on, when she approached Kriti, the actress ignored her and walked off.

Netizens quickly reacted to this behaviour from Kriti Sanon with a few slamming her for showing attitude while others saying that the girl humiliated the Bollywood actress by approaching Shahid Kapoor first.