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'Hum Jahan Khade Ho Jaate Hai Line Wahin Se Shuru Hoti Hai', this punch line delivered by the one and only Amitabh Bachchan with a baritone voice still remains timeless. The Millennium Star stands tall even after five decades with his stupendous performance. The entire country and his fans sprawling across the world are celebrating the matinee idol’s 80th birthday with much enthusiasm.

1970 to 80s was the era of Big B, yet his magnificent performance is still cherished till date. Not only the movie fanatics of that time were in awe of the actor, Big B is still successfully wooing the new generation.

Bollywood at crossroads

There was a time when Amitabh was the other name of Bollywood. His iconic performances in different genres helped him built a massive fandom. Till date, fans are highly excited and hopeful for the flicks starring Senior Bachchan.

However, the current scenario forces to believe that Bollywood is at crossroads. Several big budget movies with mega stars are getting dusted. Starting from Brahmastra to Vikram Vedha, several other Hindi movies are struggling at the box office while South flicks like Yash's KGF to recent Ponniyin Selvan, let aside Allu Arjun's Pushpa, have ringed bumper collections globally

In this twilight hour of Bollywood, the Hindi cinema aficionados recall the ‘Uunchai’ of Amitabh Bachchan, when the superstar of millennium turns 80.

‘Back to Beginning’

The India of 70s and early 80's were fida over the swag, deep-baritone voice, hair style of a tall and lanky actor. B Town was awestruck at the super duper show of his films. The tall man is none other than Amitabh Bachchan.

How golden magic of Bachchan had been is evidenced from the remakes of Bollywood movies in Tamil to Telugu including Hindi. The remakes of Hindi flicks in South were starred by iconic stars like NTR and Thailava Rajinikanth.

While NTR donned Big B’s Zanjeer role in the remake ‘Nippulanti Manishi’, besides the remakes of Deewar and Don, Rajini became superstar eclipsing Kamal Haasan, only by starring in AB remakes.

Though Rajini donned AB’s role in as many as 11 remakes of Bachchan films, Billa (remake of Don) catapulted him to Tamil stardom, eclipsing Kamal Haasan.

Bachchan remakes starred by Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth, a humble actor from Tamil cine industry, is referred as a demi God by movie lovers. However, before he achieved the stardom he is enjoying these days, Rajini starred in several remakes of Hindi movies with Big B in the lead.

Amongst the most admired movies of Big B, Rajini starred in remakes of Don (Billa), Amar Akbar Anthony (Sankar, Salim, Simon), Khoon Pasina (Shiv), Trishul (Shri Bharat), Lawaris (Panakkaran), Mard (Maveeran), Namak Halal (Velaikaran), Khuddar (Padikathavan), Deewar (Deewar), Majboor (Nonvazaipan), Kasme Vade (Thermithon Thalaivan)

It is not just the south industry, Hindi filmmakers also opted to remake the old movies of the Millennium star with a modern blend. The movies include Zanjeer, Don, etc. However, the charm created by Big B still remains unmatched in the minds of the movie lovers that didn’t work out with the remakes.

Big B still rules the hearts of the movie lovers. His latest releases and the excitement for his upcoming prove so.

Among the recent releases, Jhund and Runway 34 performed expectedly well at the box office and also garnered high appreciation from critics as well as fans.

Even his latest release Goodbye got accorded as a good movie. Though the box office collection doesn't seem to be good, performance of Big B is what fans take into consideration.

Meanwhile, excitement for his upcoming Uunchai is high. Once again Big B has stepped in as the torchbearer of friendship, even at this age.

While all other actors of his time have either retired or make special character appearances, Big B still carries the movie in his shoulders. Undeniably, movie lovers still exude trust on the 'Angry Old Man' for something magical and entertaining. Well, all hope that Big B carries on this way for many more years to come as the pride of B Town still rests on the tall man's shoulders.

Wishing the happiest, healthiest and prosperous birthday to the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. Of course, the massive heart of the legendary actor and human, who is an acting institution in himself, will continue wooing his admirers by saying, "Mere toh dil hi kuch aisa hai..."

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